Yasmeen Naim
Founder / Project Manager

I am the conductor, leading Spherika’s efforts to equip businesses with the designs and tools they need to grow. What sets me and my team apart is that we care. I love channelling my heart and soul into businesses that I fundamentally believe in.

Here’s my office motto - passed on by a special mentor:
PATD (ask me what it means the next time we speak!)

Philippe Zorayan
Lead Programmer

I am the person who answers when there’s a technical problem to solve. My skills and background are in programming but they also extend to networking and Web hosting. I work on developing Web solutions that help customers optimize their sales and processes.

Tommy Chhum
UX designer / Web Developer

I’m the research guru, the young gun. I’m also a Web Developer and a UX designer. I visualize user experiences, build wireframes, collaborate with designers and execute the Web production. I oversee all the responsive web development projects at Spherika to make sure each client’s vision becomes a reality.

Hawk Andiqwar
Graphic Designer

I bring design ideas to life. It’s really exciting for me to work with different media. Spherika is a place where I can be a part of branding projects, print graphics and website designs. No two days are alike. It’s pretty neat to see my work in and around the city!

Greg Frank
Digital Marketer

I am the digital marketer, working behind the scenes on projects involving content creation, planning, problem solving and customer care. My job requires quick thinking and speedy execution. I am proud to be part of a team of people dedicated to supporting and strengthening small local businesses.

Eddy Vartivarian

I’m the numbers man, keeping the finances in check and management informed. I love working with Spherika because of the team’s many creative ideas and projects. I always leave feeling inspired and energized knowing that we are doing good work.

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